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Updates in 1.4

• Manage GameInstance API
Ability to add/update game instance. See document for details.
• List GameInstance API
Ability to search game instance. See document for details.
• DeleteGameInstance API
Delete game instance. See document for details.
• New API added: GetPlayerInfo by Token,
Ability to get user info using token. See document for details.
• Update Game API to include MaxPlayers
Added one more parameter to Game API i.e MaxPlayers.
• Updated API Reference Document
See attached document.

Abstract Details:
Join-in Game Instance API
Purpose of this new API is scheduling a game; moderators can login on the social media portal.

Game Instance APIs:
Creating a Game Instance:
Following detail will be captured when user will create a game instance.
1. Game Instance ID (GuidID)
2. Game ID
3. GameURL
4. MaxPlayers
5. Player IDs Collection, There could more than two players.
6. Game Start Date & Time

Sample API: ManageGameInstance(GameID,GameID,Player IDs Collection, GameStartDateTime)
Sample Call: ManageGameInstance(0,10,”1,10,20,13”, 12/12/2012 15:10:00)
Please note if 0 is provided as “game instance id” it will add a new game instance. If a valid “game instance id” is provided, system will modify existing game instance.
List Game Instance:
API to list game instances…
Sample API: ListGameInstance(Action,Optional_UserID);
Action: 0=All Game Instances, 1=Active Game Instances
Opitonal_User ID: User ID
Sample Call: ListGameInstance(0);
Delete a Game Instance:
API to delete game instances…
Sample API: DeleteGameInstance(GameInstanceID);
Sample Call: DeleteGameInstance(10);

Usage of APIs:
Above APIs can be used create game instance on Social Media Portal and Generate Play URL.
Game Play URL should be only available 15 minute before schedule time and only until game start time.
Generation of Play URL:
1. ListGameInstance API can be used to filter instance based on user id, for user who is currently logged in.
2. Once we have list of rows where each row represent one game instance as show below.

GameInstanceID GameID UserIDs Date & Time GameURL MaxPlayers
232834934 2 34,35 12/12/12 10:10 2
234234234 4 34,35 12/12/12 11:10 http:// 2

We think following standard procedure should be used to generate game URL.
Game URL Generation =GameURL GameInstanceID UserToken

GameURL= Avilable in list above
GameInstanceID= avilabel in list above
This is required because otherwise game provider won’t know which game instance player needs to be added. This is where user could have more than one game instance.
UserToken= Generate based on user name/pass

Full Play URL = ? giid=232834934 & usertoken=24243243

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